LandCADD Eagle Point

Product Details

Design a landscaping plan that includes planting materials, site and hard-scaping components all within the Revit model. It provides Architects, Landscape Architects, and Designers functionality embedded inside Autodesk Revit® Architecture to produce a landscape design that is truly integrated within the building model.

Integrate the landscape design group with your architecture group workflow, and reduce the number of revisions to the design caused by having to design the landscape in AutoCAD and transfer it to Revit.


  • Planting Material. Use LANDCADD plant families in your projects or create custom families. Place plants in hedgerows or groves along any path. Convert circles drawn to lay out a conceptual planting plan into attributed plants. Visualize your design by using plant growth simulation. Use LANDCADD plant mix families to assign regions and sub-regions as ground cover, flowerbeds, turf areas, or green roof trays and generate a full takeoff of the planting material. Create a plant maintenance booklet with the attributes of the plants found in the project.
  • Site and Hardscaping. Assign patio/walk families to regions and sub-regions and obtain area, surface area, volume, and edging quantities through detailed reports. Parking lot layout tools allow you to place standard and ADA accessible parking spaces with bumpers and islands. Place other site furniture and entourage components along paths or inside the building. Place landscaping walls and fences that will accurately follow the terrain when a toposurface is present in the model.
  • Simplified Learning Curve. Using on-demand training tools and workflows users get up to speed on LANDCADD for Revit quickly. The workflows contain the tasks and step descriptions necessary to learn and use the software, and direct links to Autodesk Revit or LANDCADD commands as they are needed.