Mail Manager 2015

Product Details

Email overload is so common that it is almost considered inevitable, but we can help with our perfect email management software solution. Mail Manager organises and streamlines email workflow with two simple but powerful features: an efficient email filing tool and a fast, flexible search.

Keep it together with Mail Manager

Mail Manager takes the simple approach of archiving emails alongside other documents in standard system folders, either on a local PC or over the network. Keeping related documents together makes them easier to find, and the software learns filing behaviours, which guides users to file messages in the correct place. Mail Manager’s fast and powerful search saves time and makes it easy to view emails in system folders just as you would through Outlook’s preview.

Mail Manager uses the standard Microsoft dot-MSG message format, to keep your archived messages accessible. Our search provides a viewer to preview your search result or you can open them in almost any mail client. SharePoint, LiveLink, Documentum and other programs are all supported.

Mail Manager is easy to deploy, needs no server, and no complex installation or integration. Mail Manager is a straight forward local client application, which installs as a plug-in to Microsoft Outlook. This makes Mail Manager just as useful for a single-user installation as it is to enterprise-level user bases of hundreds or thousands. IT decision makers can have confidence Mail Manager is simple to deploy, maintain and provide appreciable return on investment.