Webinar: Excel and iLogic to replace iAssembly

: 11 March 2016 to 11 March 2016
: 12:00PM to 1:00PM
: Online

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Using Excel and iLogic to replace an iAssembly

Intended Audience Level: Advanced Inventor Professional Users

iAssembly continues to be a fantastic configuration tool, allowing for users to build combinations of designs from a single assembly model. iAssemblies can be built upon other iAssemblies and iParts to include more complexity. The problem designers face is that the more table-driven configurations are added (i.e. more iFeatures, iParts and iAssemblies), the slower the performance and the more maintenance that is required when changes are made due to the dependent files generation requirements. iLogic removes this performance and maintenance issue. Using Select Case switches for each set of loops. iLogic loops allow you to: iterate through your model configurations, switch features on or off, assign new values to your parameters and make new calculations instantly at runtime. No more child-files, no more sluggish performance and no more time-consuming maintenance!
This 1-hour webinar is for CAD Managers: who are currently facing iAssembly issues and want to: simplify their libraries of n–tier iAssemblies in order to restore the lightning speed and power of Inventor Professional that they once knew. Presented by Edmund Hiew, A2K technologies, Technical Consultant.

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