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Ideate Explorer + Ideate Query and its Value to All Revit Users

Posted by Ideate Software on

Watch this short video to learn more about how Ideate Explorer and Ideate Query are used daily to look at Revit model data at a granular level.

Without a powerful search, find, and filter tool like Ideate Query, you are guaranteed to spend hours each week looking for specific information in your Revit model the hard way. This could leave your Revit project at risk, exposing you to potential liability during construction, or at best, expensive re-modeling and drafting tasks downstream.

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Ideate Explorer + Ideate Warnings Manager and its Value to All Revit Users

Watch this three minute video to experience the value and return on investment for Ideate Explorer with Warnings Manager. Ideate Explorer supports many model exploration and auditing workflows when working on a Revit Building model.These workflows are supported in part by Ideate Query and the Ideate Warnings Manager, which are essential components of Ideate Explorer. [...]

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dRofus and A2K Technologies partnership to help deliver New Zealand’s innovative buildings of tomorrow

dRofus, the leading planning and data management solution for the global building industry, has today announced its partnership with A2K Technologies, a trusted technology consultant specialising in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. This partnership will focus on business development and the increasing demand within the New Zealand region for dRofus products, together with the [...]

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Do you test your concrete before proceeding on your project delivery?

Whether you’re building a: bridge, commercial building or another type of construction project it’s important to make sure that the materials you use provide good structural performance- in order to have a successful project delivery. Have you had your concrete tested for your locations' safety standards?Concrete testing is crucial for good structural performance. An important part of bridge building is [...]

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How AI can optimise workflows and improve project delivery?

If you’re looking for a new way to optimise your workflows and improve your project delivery, have you tried AI? From design, faster building to identifying compliance violations AI can be an asset to most projects whether it be Engineering, Construction or BIM focused. AI can automate mundane and repetitive tasks, thereby allowing engineers to spend [...]

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​Winners of ICT and Telecommunication Project Management for SA Announced

A2K Technologies in conjunction with SA Power Networks took out the Australian Institute of Project Management’s Project management Achievements award for ICT/Telecommunications in SA!So exciting to see this project's success after all A2K Technologies' hardwork alongside SA Power Networks from the Machine Learning Algorithm and CAD drawing development, to Project implementation and delivery. First successful project of its kind in Australia!!The project involved the [...]

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Infrastructure Australia is seeking submissions

Currently working on or planning to start an Infrastructure Project?Have you considered submitting an initiative to Infrastructure Australia?Infrastructure Australia is seeking submissions for the next update of the Infrastructure Priority List (IPL), which will be published in February 2019.We are inviting Australia's governments and non-government bodies to identify infrastructure problems and opportunities of national significance.We welcome [...]

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Free Avail Webinar: Tired of fighting Window's file folders?

Hey Revit Users,With AVAIL, your content can stay on your network. No need to move files around or upload them to the cloud. AVAIL indexes the files on your network and provides exciting new ways to access them. Join us as we discuss AVAIL and how Revit users can save time and money with this [...]

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Connecting Teams with BIM 360

Last chance to register for our Connecting Teams with BIM 360 event in Perth!For more information: http://www.a2ktechnologies.com.au/events/?id=184Here's a glimpse into Auckland's Connecting Teams with BIM 360:

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A2K Technologies continues to strengthen its Managed Services offering

A2K Technologies announced today that Paul Listo and Matthew Hutchins, previously with Novius have joined the A2K team. Paul and Matthew joined A2K Technologies for the opportunity to take their services and solutions to a wider audience which will only strengthen A2K’s competitive advantage in helping customers optimise their IT network and cloud-based solutions. "I’ve made it my personal mission to provide best-in-class, [...]

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