A2K Technologies’ Consulting Services encompass innovative technologies and structured solutions, designed to meet clients’ short and long term objectives. We consider how our solutions fit in with your entire business, not just at a design or engineering level.

A2K Technologies’ Consulting team provides superior:
• Consulting engagement
• Supply and support of design technology
• Technical and training services delivery.

We provide a comprehensive consulting solution, while mitigating the risk and impact on our clients’ business.

Whether it’s a program, project, process, product or support, we recognise that engineering and design aren’t simply defined by software solutions – they are a critical element in an entire ecosystem that needs to work together.

A2K Technologies works with you to refine and develop appropriate business workflow and process requirements. We also develop business transformation programs for transitioning to data-centric business models enabled for BIM, GIS or IPD.

Through consulting partnerships, A2K Technologies is able to address clients’ immediate needs today, while positioning them for tomorrow’s marketplace demands.

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• Customised integration development and solutions
• Optimising engineering investments through applicable use of technologies and processes
• Transitional/cultural change and management
• Increasing productivity/efficiencies
• Optimisation of workflow and design approach
• Software programming and development
• Troubleshooting
• Knowledge management - skills appraisals, benchmarking, Autodesk certification as part of overall project

BIMDesign TechnologyICT

• Education
• Business process and best practice development
• Business transformation
• Delivery program management

• Integration
• Training
• Configuration
• Outsourced management services


• System and network architecture
• Outsourced management services
• Licence management services
• Supply of equipment (PCs – networks - clouds)




Consulting workflow

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