Introducing Intelligent Modelling

The BIM concept has revolutionised the Architectural, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industries – we’re now experiencing the biggest change in the industry since the adoption of CAD in the early 80's. As well as forming new concepts like Digital Prototyping and improving Collaboration, the BIM process has also enforced the completion of existing concepts like As-Built documentation.

Our approach to technology is that modelling designs correctly from the start is the key to success not just for large BIM jobs, but for ensuring the company standard is being achieved for all projects. We’re moving to a digital age but Drawings are still the primary deliverable – A2K Technologies has an emphasis on establishing the highest possible standard for Drawing Production and "BIM Compliance". We see both of these as a result of our standard of general best practices with a structured approached.

We have put this under the banner of Intelligent Modelling and are forming a complete range of modular service offerings around this.


"I found this course extremely beneficial and will allow my organization to produce more accurate models, and to allow consistent checking of all future projects undertaken."

"It is extremely beneficial to see working examples and to allow participants to work through these examples individually. I strongly believe that individuals learn through hands on participation. There is nothing worse in a training environment than to have a lot of words thrown at you but not have the opportunity to participate in the actual training program itself."

"It is exciting to see that the A2K Technologies are now targeting specific industries / design packages for training rather than providing generic training programs which are for the most part based on the Revit architecture platform."

Scott McKnight/ Bim Manager - Structures/ Meriton Group



Revit Structure Best Practices