A2K Technologies recognises that your software may not necessarily meet all of your requirements "out of the box" - applications may not always talk to each other, or you may have a number of applications that work well independently, but not as a coherent end-to-end system. This is where our experienced development team can help make you look good. 

A2K Technologies' highly experienced Consulting and Development team has created custom tool sets, add-ons and complete applications and interfaces to suit various applications and functions thereby allowing you to realise the maximum benefits from your applications and systems. 

Our experience in integrating various CAD applications, GIS Systems and databases is second to none. We have the skills, experience and insight to design, develop and implement solutions from the very basic to the quite complex to help you concentrate on what you do best.

what we do...

LOCal government

utilities (water, electricity, gas) 





private enterprise

value added services + end to end solutions

At A2K we provide value added services and end to end solutions to all of our clients. Our services include: 

  • training 

  • onsite consultation

  • support services 

  • bespoke software solutions and customisation

  • Alpha & BETA testing, implementation, training and support 

  • database design and development 

  • MS access, SQL server and Oracle 

  • plug-in/tool conversion 

  • documentation services and needs analysis presentations, prototyping and conceptual analysis 

  • CAD standards, content creation and generic tools 

  • ongoing advice and project management

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