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message from the Eagle Point + Pinnacle Series team:

We, here at Eagle Point, realise the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic. As always, we continue to explore ways in which we can support our customers. We understand that the transition to working from home can be difficult. In order to help our customers adopt to this change, we have decided to temporarily give all current customers access to our Microsoft and Business & Management Skills subscriptions at no additional cost. These subscriptions include Learning Paths, Courses, Videos, and Documents on Teams, Skype, and other skills that can help customers as they adopt to their new “normal”. 


We understand that these times are tough. We hope that these subscriptions will help organisations stay connected, collaborate, and maintain productive. All current customers will automatically see these subscriptions appear in their Asset Library today. Please contact A2K Technologies if you would like any further information.

Pinnacle Series is a great online training, learning and productivity platform covering an extensive range of software products including Autodesk, Microsoft, Adobe and more. 

The Pinnacle Series solution provides learning opportunities to all skill levels where users can self-enrol to improve their skills, or managers can assign curriculum to plug any skills gaps. It allows individuals and organisations to capture knowledge in a central repository where you can easily browse, view, download, create and upload documents to share across your organisation. 

Pinnacle Series integrates with Knowledge Smart - an online assessment system delivering skills gap analysis and benchmarking services to help firms maximise their return on investment in technology, people and client services. 

we solve the most consistent challenges in the aec industry.

We understand your challenges because we've been there. We're not just authors, we are Engineers and Architects with hundreds of years of combined experience who have helped thousands of people take full advantage of their AEC software. 

continuous learning

Providing learning opportunities for your staff is crucial to both business and professional growth. We offer solutions that provide learning opportunities to all skill levels. Users can self-enrol to improve their skills or managers can assign curriculum to identify any skill gaps. 

knowledge capture + sharing

Our solutions present the ideal avenue to share and capture the knowledge and share it with personnel across your company. 

increased productivity

The best option to keep users productive is to provide them with a centralised location designed to answer their questions with robust search engine to find answers to keep them productive. 

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 Get access to Pinnacle Lite for 3 months for just $29.50.
Get in quick to secure this great discount and improve your productivity with Pinnacle's online training platform. *Terms and Conditions Apply

*Access to Pinnacle Lite

*$29.50 ex GST

*Includes Autodesk, Bluebeam and Ideate products only

*Excludes Customisation

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