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Brisbane the new home for startup incubators? When technology and creativity collide

REALITY TV show The Shark Tank has proved a hit as it gives Aussie viewers an insight into the high risks and rewards of the adrenaline-fuelled startup industry. But while it has made Steve Baxter and his Brisbane-based River City Labs household names, they’re far from the only startup incubator in an increasingly crowded market. Another Brisbane [...]

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Drone Eyes in the Sky Can Save Time and Money on the Construction Site

The drone market has seen an incredible explosion in the past several years. Widely available models, costing well below $2,000, have contributed to an increase in sales, from $44 million in 2013 to an estimated $1.3 billion this past year. Original article posted by Autodesk can be found here.

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Autodesk BIM 360 Now & the Future

New BIM 360 Features: Unify, Review, Integrate and ShareFor those fortunate to be given a paid leave pass by their employer, the annual Autodesk University (AU) conference in Las Vegas represents an opportunity to share your achievements, learn from others, meet vendors, and of course talk with Autodesk staff. There is a little something for everyone. And after the conference [...]

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Autodesk and NASA's JPL partner for next-gen space exploration | An update from AU 2018 in Las Vegas

For decades, the design of spacefaring vehicles has followed a consistent and pragmatic process; ensure the vehicle, payload, design, and material selection is kept to a bare minimum. This reduces the weight and therefore the overall cost of sending it into space. But that is now all in the past after Autodesk partnered with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and [...]

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RIB Group expands investment into A2K Technologies

Following RIB Group’s announcement on 26 September 2018 of their investment in A2K Technologies and PhoenxPLM as MTWO Managed Service Provider partners, a further announcement has been made confirming RIB Group have acquired additional shares increasing from 40% to 60% in both companies. A2K Technologies’ Executive Director, Paul Laycock said that whilst the additional investment was unexpected, it shows the [...]

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Introducing RevTag - A2K's new Revit API Tagging Tool

You asked for it, we’ve done it! After months of research, testing and consultation, we’ve delivered the first prototype for a NEW Revit API Tagging Tool. What is it? And how will you benefit?This exciting new API Plugin for Revit is an innovated splitting tool to enable you to achieve greater productivity and workflow efficiencies. [...]

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A2K Subscription

A2K Technologies’ world-class technical team is comprised of seasoned industry experts who are passionate about our customers gaining the best return on investment for their technology. We’re committed to providing our clients with the best, industry-leading service, at the lowest price.1. LET'S GET YOU STARTED Our customer care team will provide you with phone assistance for all your product [...]

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Webinar Ideate BIMLINK

Watch this seven-minute video to learn how to quickly and easily manage Autodesk Revit type-based and instance-based data in Excel with Ideate BIMLink. Learn how to: 1) Select the categories of instance data in Revit to review, 2) Create an instance link, 3) Define the list of properties to export, 4) Use BIMLink to export the data from Revit [...]

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Autodesk Subscription Guide

Autodesk has released a Software Administrator's Guide to Autodesk Subscriptions ebook, addressing how to set up, install and manage you software and users. This eBook is your quick start guide to getting up and running with your subscription. It includes an overview of the setup process, helpful tips and detailed step-by-step instructions when and where you [...]

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