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Webinar Ideate BIMLINK

Watch this seven-minute video to learn how to quickly and easily manage Autodesk Revit type-based and instance-based data in Excel with Ideate BIMLink. Learn how to: 1) Select the categories of instance data in Revit to review, 2) Create an instance link, 3) Define the list of properties to export, 4) Use BIMLink to export the data from Revit [...]

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Autodesk Subscription Guide

Autodesk has released a Software Administrator's Guide to Autodesk Subscriptions ebook, addressing how to set up, install and manage you software and users. This eBook is your quick start guide to getting up and running with your subscription. It includes an overview of the setup process, helpful tips and detailed step-by-step instructions when and where you [...]

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Adobe Symposium Australia

Access all the  videos and presentation slides from the Adobe Symposium Digital Experiences Conference this year on the Adobe Symposium online. Customers expect amazing experiences. And you’re the one who will make them. So, if you want to engage with your customers at a deeper level and create unbelievable experiences stay tuned. Top brands will share their latest strategies for bringing [...]

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Bluebeam Installation

Toolsets:Bluebeam makes your PDF editing as easy as drag-and-drop. Choose from our library of pre-made tool sets to fit your workflow needs.Installation instructions: Click on the tool set and save it to the Downloads folder. This saves a Compressed .zip file.Go to the Downloads folder.Double-click on the compressed .zip file to open it.Double-click on the tool [...]

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Digital Mapping will change land and rock surveying

At the beginning of major mining or civil engineering projects, one of the more manual, technically challenging and hazardous tasks involves rock and land surveying.The process of inspecting rock faces, for example, is a manual one through which geologists measure the failure planes and joints on the rock face in the field. In environments like mine pits, quarries and [...]

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Opportunities in contract work for Engineers

For engineers, contract work is growing as an area of opportunity. Perceptions about permanent employment and security are often overestimated. Contract and temporary roles enable engineers to add immediate value to their CVs through displaying quantifiable achievements in their roles. Contract work offers advantages, contractors can work on varied projects and gain diverse experience. This delivers not only professional rewards [...]

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Behind the scenes at A2K - Matthew Sheales

A2K's Matthew Sheales, National Consulting MEP and Content Solutions Manager, was recently featured in the Design Content Magazine to talk all things content.Matthew has been working for A2K Technologies for 16 and a half years and 12 of those has been with our design and manufacturers content. He is an expert in this field and [...]

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Generic Content: Flexible, structured, supported & efficient

For BIM projects content is king. There are many different places you can go to get manufacturer specific content which is great when we know what manufacturer we are going to use. Often we just want to use something generic. Find out how A2K's ContentLounge can help.

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Find out more about AVAIL - a Content Management Tool

This webinar covered the functionality of the different aspects of AVAIL from File Management to the Revit Add-In. Watch it and discover how to better organise and manage your existing Content Libraries with this multipurpose tool developed to support any and all file formats. It was presented by A2K's Kent Watson.

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