A2K Technologies Customer Case Study - Eden Office

den office | A design partner, not just a designer of chairs

Marcus Win, head of strategy and innovation for Eden Office, has been working with A2K Technologies on transforming his products from the 2D realm to 3D models.He said “Revit modelling has enabled us to let our partners use their imagination. Architects don’t have to be constrained when they are working with our products.They can apply whatever base finish they like, colours they choose, a powder-coat, chrome or timber finish and a fabric that works with their design.Furniture is fashion and function.Our clients want coordinated and beautifully designed pieces that are also practical and hard-working.With agile project methodology workspaces are more collaborative environments that require modular furniture.Our range can be used in numerous situations; seating needs to work for a meeting, then reconfigured to a breakout zone or pushed back to create open space. Our 3D models show the huge variety and flexibility of our range, they download quickly and easily into a design – and, most importantly, we can deliver exactly what our clients want.”

A2K Technologies provides Design Content for use in the construction industry.There is growing demand for coordinated, dimensionally accurate and appropriately meta-data-rich models.


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