AI’s architecture for the future

Originally Sourced from Architecture & Design

Kammil Carranza, creative director and project manager at Augmented Island Studios says parasitic architecture supported by AI, IoT and nanorobots can carry your home around with you.

Carranz, Jitendra Farkade and Vinay Khare are part of the graduates from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) and have invented a parasitic architecture solution called Flux Haus.

“We want the user to be his own house, by linked the robots to neuronal AI networks tht allow the nanorobots to replicate anything that the user wants,” Carranza says.

Flux Haus will mainly solve the land scarcity problem, by using IoT as its main element. “The system itself goes beyond and is proposed as an ‘evolutive structure that can keep adding ‘pods’ as a way to fit with the population’s necessities.”

Alongside mechanical elevators and rails, the system will remain in constant movement, allowing the re-use of space around the system, dependent on habitants occupying the space.

Nanorobots add a futher layer to the system, “by linking the robots to neuronal AI network, that allows the nanorobots to replicate anything that the user wants, such as; furniture, food, even a pet hologram. Everything is possible in this future, where ‘nothing belongs to you.’”