Australia’s most liveable town revealed

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According to the latest Life in Australia report by Ipsos, Warrnambool is the most liveable region in Australia.

The report evaluated areas in both metropolitan and regional Australia, with Warrnambool and South Western Victoria being awarded the top score of 68.7.

Regions were scored against a number of indicators:

Feeling safeHigh quality health servicesAffordable decent housingGood job prospectsAccess to the natural environmentA strong sense of communityHigh quality education opportunitiesA prosperous economyOpportunity for allReliable and efficient public transportSocial cohesion; connectivityShopping, leisure and diningA lack of road congestionViewing and participating in sports and recreationMuseums, galleries and festivals

Following Warrnambool and South Western Victoria, the top ten regions throughout Australia include Perth – Inner (68.6), Adelaide – Central & Hills (67), Sydney – Eastern Suburbs (65.8), Melbourne – Inner South (65), Melbourne – Inner East (64.9), Brisbane Inner City (64.8), Perth – North West (64.2), South Australia – South East (63.9) and Sydney – North Sydney and Hornsby (63.7).

Despite being topped by a regional area, the top 10 is dominated by metropolitan areas, particularly in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.

On the other hand, the lowest-ranked regions include Sydney – South West (49.1), Sydney – Blacktown (51.9), Brisbane – Logan – Beaudesert (53.1), Queensland – Central Queensland (53.3), Melbourne – West (53.5), Sydney – Parramatta (53.6), Melbourne – North West (53.7), Darwin (54.1), New South Wales – Capital Region (55.3) and Perth – North East (55.5).

The lowest-ranked regions are in Sydney. Considering Sydney also dominates the list of the best-ranked regions, this suggests a highly divided city separated by haves and have-nots.


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