Bluebeam Revu Xcon 2018

Xcon 2018 Austin, Texas.

The annual Bluebeam Conference re-branded Xcon was held in Austin Texas. My intentions of going were to see how the American's are doing things. Seeing that the maturity of Bluebeam users and industry in general in the USA is greater than how we are using the software in Australia, I thought that it would be a good opportunity to learn from the knowing.  I have been to a few Conferences now and I like the general buzz that happens around an Industry event, what I felt when I was walking around JW Marriott in the Keynote, sessions or networking, is that there was a closer community than I have felt before. It is also worth noting that this was not just the AEC's A and E attendees only, there was a healthy mix of Construction which can only help balance the building cycle. And while we are talking about the mix, there was only a small 22% of Women attending, a strong representation of  47 States and 10 Countries and 7 people from Australia.

These are a few of my favourite things.

With over 130 Sessions, I was never going to get around to them all, so I came with work colleagues to divide and conquer.  Off that bat, it was all very professional from an attendee to speaker perspective, although I did go into a few sessions that were covering fundamentals where I was looking for more advanced workflows. I think a rating system would have helped me here, ha-ha, I just had a thought, shades of blue could have worked nicely:Fundamentals = Baby BlueIntermediate = Sky BlueExpert = Royal Blue

A Revu of Dashboards.

I have played around enough in the Dashboard area but I have not had the experience to see mind-blowing examples that generate that light-bulb moment.  Even though this mind melt didn’t happen in this session directly from the examples, I was impressed with the concepts that were given that allow somebody like myself to think about creating a highly structured, interacting, hyperlinking, user access friendly, functional document, of an entire project. My brain synapses are starting to hum!

 Sneak peak of Bluebeam Atlas.

This session on Project Atlas was really a 1 hr demonstration on how the tool works and the trials that they have put it through already.  The marketing aspect aside, it was a real eye-opener into what offering there is for Construction once on site. Case Study examples were shown and real workflows that help ensure that the team are building in the right location, for example overlaying site overhead photos with CAD drawings to coordinate column locations.  This type of technology looks to make Site Logistics and general reporting of construction simpler and easier to identify problems.  Worth a look for sure.

Java Scripting in Revu.

I am not able to write JavaScript at any stretch and to be honest, I feel that I will need to jump into the deep end and start teaching myself, joining online classes and just doing it, so this was my first splash at Java. The Bluebeam presenter did a great job, there was a feeling of "you can do it," mainly because he is a big fan a googling the question and using copy/paste for the answer/script.  We did go over the basics of what is involved and how to string a script together and what errors to look out for.  If you dabble in the back end of Revit or like to string some formulas together in Excel then look into Java to automate the process in Bluebeam.

The Captains Session.

I presented Customisation to Bluebeam Counts.  The square, diamond, circle don’t cut it if you want symbols like your Company standards.  The heart of the customisation can be found in this blog, in the session I went on to explain to other how they build up a Matrix of symbols that represent what they need.  Due to the Markup List, I tend to see Bluebeam as Database driven PDF software.

 Bluebeam skills challenge.

The most fun at Xcon would have to be the Skills Challenge. Teams are given a series of challenges like creating a puzzle from a series of PDF's that each has the own "issues" that need attending too, or a Word-find using the markup tools.  This was great to Nerd out watching the competitors expertly battle their