Multi-million dollar grant to transform Australia's manufactured buildings sector

Monash University, Lendlease, The University of Melbourne, Donovan Group, BlueScope, Sumitomo Forestry, Queensland University of Technology, Holmesglen Institute, Hyne Timber, Shapeshift Design Technologies, M-Modular, Schiavello Manufacturing and CSR, along with a number of other partners, have been successful in a $28 million funding bid for an initiative aiming to transform how buildings are designed and manufactured in Australia.

Completely unique to the Australian and international markets, the Building 4.0 CRC could set trends, break rules and transform the way the industry engages and responds to customers’ needs, where buildings are built faster, cheaper and smarter.

Building 4.0 CRC will put the customer at the centre of each building experience and seeks to deliver buildings that can be built safer, faster, cheaper and smarter.

Reducing waste, delays and emissions from building projects is the focus of a collaborative initiative between 30 industry partners that received $28 million from the Australian Government.

Announced by the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews, the $28 million grant will leverage a combined $103 million from industry, government and research partners – bringing the combined research budget to $131 million over seven years.

The Building 4.0 CRC research initiative is focused on use of digital solutions, new products and processes aiming to transform Australia’s building industry to a tech-enabled, collaborative future where the customer is at the centre of each building experience and buildings are not only better, but faster, cheaper and safer.

Some of the outcomes this initiative hopes to achieve include:

30 percent reduction in project costs through digital technology and off-site manufacturing40 percent reduction in project delays80 percent reduction in construction waste50 percent reduction in Co2 emissions for more sustainable buildings.