SJB unveils plans for new Sydney Airport transit corridor

Originally sourced from Architecture and Design

Liverpool City Council and design firm SJB have released details for a smart transit corridor connecting Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport and the Liverpool city centre.

The Fifteenth Avenue Smart Transit Corridor Design Framework created by SJB will serve as an important reference document throughout the corridor’s development.

“The Fifteenth Avenue Smart Transit (FAST) Corridor Design Framework is Council’s vision for a sustainable transit corridor that links Western Sydney International Airport with the Western Sydney Aerotropolis and the Liverpool city centre,” Liverpool mayor Wendy Waller says.

“The corridor will be future proofed for emerging technologies such as trackless trams. It will be more than a critical transport link – it's also an opportunity to create new, sustainable communities along the route which are sensitive to their bushland and farming landscape.”

“Our vision is to reduce sprawl, improve public transport and preserve the unique character of our growing region,” she says.

“In addition to a regular, 30-minute public transport connection to the new airport for Sydney's third CBD, the corridor reinforces our commitment to active transport, such as cycling and walking,” says Waller.

The FAST Corridor project is planned for completion in-line with the opening of Western Sydney Airport in 2026.

Image: Supplied