Sydney Opera House Concert Hall upgrade

Originally sourced from Architecture & Design

The Sydney Opera Houses’ $150m Concert Hall upgrade begins this week, to be funded by the NSW Government, the project has an estimated two-year completion. 

With new theatre machinery and staging systems, the hall will be anticipated as “better equipped to present a range of performances, from classical music to contemporary concerts and theatre,” according to a statement by Sydney Opera House. 

The project will improve the acoustics for artists, audiences and enhance access for those with mobility needs, with behind-the-scenes running smoother, more flexibly and enhancing a safer working environment. 

The project marks the largest in the Opera Houses’ Decade of Renewal – a program of works totalling to more than $275 million, transforming the World Heritage-listed icon ahead of its 50th anniversary in 2023. 

Alongside a new lift and passageway for accessibility for wheelchair users, a new flying system for light and scenery will facilitate larger-scale performances. 

The stage will further be lowered, improving sightlines and allowing musicians to hear each other more clearly. 

Sydney Opera House CEO Louise Herron says, “The Opera House was built to serve the community, so it is vital that we ensure the building and its stages continue to evolve as the needs of our community change.”


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