Tony Owen Partners designs disco rooftop

Originally Sourced from Architecture & Design

The new Disco Volante rooftop bar that sits on top of Nelson House in Sydney’s CBD is designed by Tony Owen Partners.

The heritage site is Sydney’s first steel frame, high-rise building, with a now additional 2-storey restaurant and bar, with an outdoor dining area.

The design is minimalist and includes space to socialise with loose seating and a glass box for public areas.

The glass box is shaded by an array of disc-shaped aluminium shade elements, and a masonry box also exists for services replacing the existing plant element.

The seemingly random pattern of aluminium discs forms a unique sculpture to crown the building and have been designed using parametric software to maximise solar protection at varying times of the day.

Work is now underway for the new rooftop bar, which is being developed by the Ausino Group.


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