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The Employment Landscape & The Skills Gap:

The Employment landscape is undergoing significant change. Rapid technological advancements are seeing more traditional industries contract and it is expected that some 40% of current jobs will be automated over the next 10-15 years. This same influx of new technologies is driving demand for an increased array of new technical skills, methodologies and innovation. Many industries are struggling to find skilled people to fill well-paid jobs. A 2015 Australian Industry Group study found that 44% of companies had positions they could not fill.


A2K Talent Solutions

In an attempt to address the skills gap facing many of our clients, A2K has developed the Talent Solutions program. Leveraging our industry expertise and market knowledge we are in an excellent position to source highly skilled technical talent, specifically, Architects; Engineers; Drafts people; BIM specialists; Revit specialists; Project Leads; Interior Designers, etc.


How do we do it?

Our Talent Solutions program combines our knowledge of market and skills requirements with our industry connections.

We identify both passive and active candidates who might be suited to working for you, including cultural alignment, project experience and skills capability. Using KnowledgeSmart® we then benchmark candidate skills against international standards and provide you with a report per candidate. Unlike traditional recruiters we have the capacity to up-skill / train our candidates (at our expense) developing skills / candidates that simply can’t be found in the open market. We continue to train our candidates (at our expense) for up to 12 months after they’ve started to work for you. This will ensure your new employees have ever increasing skill levels and drive further innovation through your business.

In short, we can train candidates before they start working for you, and once employed with you, we will continue to train them for up to 12 months at no additional cost to you, enhancing your employee's continual development.

Some of our clients like to include initial training as part of their induction program, whilst others prefer some initial training be completed before new employees commence work, either way, we can accommodate both scenarios. With hundreds of face to face and online courses to choose from we offer limitless flexibility to ensure your A2K candidates remain highly skilled and valuable employees.

Research indicates that higher levels of innovation occur in companies that have diverse workforces (race, gender, age etc.). Through our Talent Solutions program we believe that we are uniquely positioned to assist you to achieve a diverse and skilled workforce. Additionally, A2K deploys inclusive recruitment practices that attempt to address diversity issues such as gender imbalances.



A2K’s strength lies in its intimate understanding of the AEC market, in which we are an active participant. Our recruitment services will be focused on delivering highly skilled technical staff such as: Architects; Engineers; Drafts people; BIM specialists; Revit specialists; Project Leads; Interior Designers; etc

A2K Differentiator

The following key areas differentiate A2K from other recruitment providers and ensure substantial benefit to you:

Point of Difference

Benefit to Employer

A2K has an expert understanding of AEC market

Ability to leverage A2K's candidate network

A2K formally assesses/benchmark candidate skills

Objective knowledge of candidate capabilities vs agreed levels

A2K understand the technical skills required

Less time wasting & increased successful hires

A2K provide pre-commencement training

Highly skilled talent pool, not available on open market

Increased potential to develop diverse workforce

Greater Innovation & Competitive Advantage

A2K provide post-commencement training

Employees continue to develop skills & market relevance

Increased potential to develop diverse workforce

Greater Innovation & Competitive Advantage


Perm / Temp / Payroll

We have capacity to place both permanent and/or temporary staff, however it is not our intention to offer payroll services at this time.


Relationships first

We believe that our Talent Solutions program complements our existing business and is consistent with our mentoring approach to our strategic partners, ensuring greater transfer of knowledge and higher levels of innovation. As an existing A2K client, we place a high value on our relationship with you. We are committed to make decisions that are in the best interest of a continued long-term relationship. We will work with you to ensure that our business relationship continues to flourish across recruitment, consulting, software, hardware and training.


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