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Case studies


Browse our case studies below to hear our customers speak about their working relationship with A2K Technologies, and how our expertise, services and products have increased efficiencies in their businesses.

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    A Design Made Quick and Simple with Infraworks

    Client: Opus INternational Consultants

    Earl Hart, Principal Transportation Technician, Pous International Consultants, never expected the transition to Autodesk InfraWorks to deliver such powerful benefits. Not only has it transformed the design process, it's also helping win more business.

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    A Single, Powerful Repository, with Autodesk Vault Customised by A2K

    Client: VLI Drilling

    Greg Huckett from VLI Drilling explains how Autodesk Vault has streamlined their data management, with a single repository for all files and lifecycle and revision control, to prevent older versions being used or changes accidentally being overwritten.

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    A Step Ahead With BIM

    Client: Conrad Gargett

    Scott Savage of Conrad Gargett explains how the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital (LCCH) project was the end of an era. It was so large and went for so long, that the firm had evolved from 2D into a BIM / Revit office by the time it was finished.

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    Fast, Accurate submissions with blackbox22

    Client: Lion Systems

    Geoff Bartholomew, Principal of Lion Systems, explains how A2K Technologies’ blackbox22 turns asset and survey information into an XML file that meets a council’s exact specifications, making it easier and quicker to comply with council requirements.

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    Time Savings with Ideate BIMLink

    Client: SMEC

    Aaron Cass, Technical Officer (Structural), SMEC - Australia & New Zealand Division, explains how using Ideate BIMLink with Autodesk Revit as a building information modelling tool has provided considerable time savings for work on the North West Rail Link Project.

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    Saving Time and Money with Autodesk Revit Customisation

    Client: ReziCAD

    Andrew Milford, Managing Director of ReziCAD, and winner of A2K Technologies' Ultimate Desk competition, explains why he chose Autodesk's Building Design Suite Premium, and the benefits to his business of Revit customisations from A2K.

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    Revolutionising Manufacturing Design With The Right Tools

    Client: Moreton Hire

    Michael D’Amico, National Design Manager, Moreton Hire, explains the time savings and benefits gained since they began using Showcase, one of the many tools in Autodesk Factory Design Suite.

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    Building Design Suite Gandy And Roberts

    Client: Gandy and Roberts

    Consulting engineering firm, Gandy and Roberts, explain how using Autodesk Revit within Autodesk’s Building Design Suite has improved efficiencies in their projects, and allowed greater collaboration across multiple disciplines.

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    CAD Data Management Using Autodesk Vault

    Client: Deacon Engineers

    Deacon Engineers explain why they chose Autodesk Vault to manage their data, and the benefits it has brought to their business.

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    A2K Builds Innovation

    Client: Aurecon

    Extending the Sydney Light Rail Transit (LRT) through heavily developed areas in the city’s CBD and inner west suburbs is an exercise requiring disciplined,detailed design and modelling.

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    Innovation Flows Through A2K

    Client: Reliance Worldwide

    Reliance Worldwide pioneered Australia’s introduction to pressurised water-heating systems in 1949. Since then, world-leading research, development and innovation continue to be the company’s core focus, which now also has operations in the US, UK, Asia and New Zealand.

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    A2K Technologies Strengthens Redevelopment

    Client: Wiltshire Designs

    Leading Auckland design studio, Wiltshire Designs, has long had a positive relationship with AEC Systems and A2K Technologies. The McKenzies Project: a large, innovative beachside retail and hospitality development.

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    A2K Technologies and Cardno on The Right Track

    Client: Cardno

    Global engineering and infrastructure company Cardno is helping to keep the billion-dollar Gold Coast Rapid Transit project on track for its opening in 2014.

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