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CFD for Office Environments

Now, let's take a look at how airflow can affect the safety of occupants. By being able to visualize this phenomenon, you can better understand what situations might place employees at a greater risk. For example, what happens if my boss comes over to talk with me while sick?
Well, if they get too close, you can see, I could obviously be at more risk. We can also take a look at how effective things like dividers can be, and how high should they be...things like that.

Now, leveraging our 3D CAD data, these types of "what if" scenarios are a breeze.  (yes, pun intended)
As you can see, being able to see different design ideas side-by-side makes it easy to evaluate different options and tradeoffs to help keep employees safe.

Whether the space is large or small, we have a lot of ways to evaluate the effectiveness of the air flow. One common method is to explore the Local Mean Age, or how long does the air remains in the room. The higher the value, typically the more risk that area maybe for something like a virus to linger. So in the case of this office space, we can see possible areas of concern. Maybe we can move diffusers, maybe we can rearrange the desks, or maybe we could just add additional air filtration to make sure the risk of contaminants is reduced.
Well, we hope you've seen how Autodesk solutions can help get your office ready for the "new normal."

Using Generative Design for Workspace Layout after COVID-19

One of the many challenges facing employers as they begin to repopulate their offices is the need to maintain a safe physical distance between employees.

Using Generative Design in Revit, let’s consider this basic problem:  How might you configure an open office environment with physical distancing in mind.

Billions of people will want to return to the workplace, and when you think about it, our customers are the ones that design and build these places. They know these places the best. Our customers want to help their clients return to the workplace by redesigning the existing built environment to be COVID-19 compliant.

We've never been more conscious of how we move through the built environment. From door to door journeys, physical distancing for queues, understanding system efficiency is essential for optimising for safe and free movement.

Under normal conditions people arrive at the office within a short time window, park randomly and travel to the nearest entrance. This can give rise to close contact at congested entrances and exits both in and outside of the building.



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The new BIM 360 is a cloud platform built to deliver cloud worksharing, data management, and design collaboration. It is ideal for distributed, multidisciplinary teams. Co-author Revit models with more issue management, file- and folder-based access controls, change visualization, deliverable coordination, and limitless storage.


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