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Autodesk Vault Managed Services



Autodesk Vault

Autodesk Vault data management software helps organise, manage, and track data creation, simulation and documentation processes for design, engineering and construction teams.

The platform gives you more control over design data with revision management capabilities and the ability to find and reuse design data quickly, for easier management of your design and engineering information.

However, there are times when hardware failure, system updates, human error, or insufficient planning may affect mission-critical Autodesk Vault data management systems.

At A2K Technologies, we recognise the impact this could have upon business continuity. We provide a proactive and on-demand assistance to address these needs, to keep your systems functioning at their optimum level.

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With two service levels to choose from – Standard and Platinum - you can rely on A2K Technologies to monitor and maintain your Vault according to your business needs.



Our Standard Vault Managed Services include:


Our Platinum Vault Managed Services include everything in standard, plus:

Pro-active - Remote Service

  • Monitor and Report

On-Demand - Remote Service

  • Premium Vault Support
  • Priority Escalation

Up to 8 hours per annum, either on-site or via remote access to resolve issues


Resolve issues from Monitor and Report


Provide server/workstation assistance


Provide role-specific assistance


Additional 4 hours per annum, either onsite or via remote access to resolve issues






Everything included in Standard, plus:

Monitor and Report

Through our remote access support technology, we can access your systems and set up reporting that allows us to monitor backups, replications, and log files, so we can determine if your system is functioning correctly.
Our proactive monitoring includes:

  • Check backup script is fully functional
  • Check log files are clear of errors
  • Daily report of log files, sent automatically to A2K
  • Check that multi-site replication is functioning correctly
  • Monitor Autodesk Vault Service Packs and updates, and notify if out-of-date
  • Monitor the storage space on the server and notify of potential issues in advance.


In addition to the Monitor and Report service, A2K Technologies provides a resolution service to fix issues as they arise. If your backup has not worked, or your replication has failed, we can proactively resolve this through our remote access system.
Our technical experts are also able to:

  • Manually backup and fix backup scripts
  • Re-enable multi-site replication if it has failed
  • Monitor Autodesk Vault Service Packs and updates, and apply them remotely to the software
  • Optimise library databases to minimise backup times
  • Provide user maintenance for employees joining or leaving the organisation.

Through our proactive monitoring, a monthly report is provided to the customer on any findings - good or bad.




Everything included in Standard, plus:

Premium Vault Support

A2K Technologies offers a priority-based support system for our customers, to determine the urgency of their issue. Once the severity is identified we will respond accordingly.

Issues can be logged 24x7 into our online system or via telephone during business hours. Issues are responded to during AEST business hours. Additionally, issues can be tracked through the entire process, providing auditable responses and clear visibility of critical issues for escalation.

We will commence initial response and coordination of appropriate technical services within 60 minutes of notification during business hours.

Server/Workstation Assistance

Our skilled technical staff are able to access your workstations and servers via remote access, to troubleshoot and resolve most issues. This may involve detailed resolution of server-based issues, or it may be a simpler configuration of an individual’s workstation to resolve errors or performance issues.


Role-Specific Assistance

Vault administrator/IT support

Data management systems such as Vault require a more comprehensive support base across job roles than many other design products. A2K Technologies provide role-specific advice and guidance for the use and administration of Vault.

Our specialists will save your administrators and IT managers valuable time, by working with them in the management, configuration, installation, upgrade, and troubleshooting of the Autodesk Vault or its associated system requirements.
This may include systems such as:

  • Autodesk Data Management Server
  • Remote File Stores
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Windows Firewall
  • Microsoft IIS
End-user support

End users may encounter challenges on a daily basis; in these cases, our pool of experts can be accessed via our phone and web-based ticketing system for fast problem resolution.


Priority Escalation

Our highly-experienced team is able to quickly identify when a problem requires alternative action, and we can rapidly escalate these issues using our extensive networks within Autodesk for additional assistance.


For more information, contact us at marketing@a2ktechnologies.com.au or call 1800 223 562 (AU) or 0508 232797 (NZ).

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