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CAD Management



Project-based CAD/BIM management

The cost to a business of poor, ineffective or inconsistent CAD/BIM project files or environment setup can be inefficient and potentially unstable models. This then leads to an inconsistent drawing output and reliance on repetitive, time-consuming tasks that are prone to error.

A2K’s project-based CAD/BIM management addresses a lack of available CAD/BIM manager skills without the expense of a full-time CAD/BIM manager. Instead of ineffective workflows that do not evolve to take advantage of new tools available to your business, custom tools can be used to streamline workflows for a particular project, while maintaining consistent CAD standards.

Having a knowledge pool of multiple products allows for better coordination between various file formats, significantly reducing coordination time.

A professional setup of your CAD/BIM system eliminates frustration by providing a consistent environment for all users. Similarly, a correctly structured project is easier for users to work with, eliminating costly rework and duplication.

Services may include:

  • Set up the CAD/BIM system to suit the project/company
  • Provide recommendations/assistance in planning the project setup to incorporate multiple products
  • Provide assistance setting up files for multiple products (e.g. Revit, NavisWorks, 3DS Max)
  • Client support for ‘how-to’ and workflow-related queries
  • Documented workflows and project structure
  • Production of custom tools specific to the workflows required for a project
  • Higher-level priority support, with a dedicated technical consultant and direct phone number for client contact
  • New version update training
  • Service Release updates
  • Hotfix installs


 A2K’s CAD Management service addresses many licensing issues your business may face: the risk of non-compliance, rationalisation of licence usage, and in the case of a server breakdown or changeover, the lost productivity time when coordination is required between your IT service provider and software reseller

This service ensures your business stays license compliant, and eliminates the need for your business to keep track of licenses in use, especially when there are multiple license servers at different locations.

Services may include:

  • Software installation and deployment
  • Setup/upgrade Autodesk Network License Manager - LM Tools
  • License management, file upgrade/configuration
  • Usage reporting (pro-active) and Recommendations
  • Configure OPTIONS file to control license usage 


Template and CAD standards
Plug-ins, add-ons, apps


Minor automation tasks (scripts, basic LISP)

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