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The content creation process starts by talking to the manufacturer about their products, finding out their unique features and benefits, and agreeing on the best level of detail to be used.

This information is then digested by our experienced Revit specialists and a pilot sample is created to show the manufacturer how the content demonstrates their products features, while making it easily usable by the Revit user.

The rest of the content is then created to the same standard by our content team. Quality checks are performed to ensure both the manufacturer’s needs, and the Revit users’ needs are being met.

Following ANZRS (Australia New Zealand Revit Standards) ensures a level of consistency for the delivered Revit content. This includes ensuring consistent parameters, amongst other advantages.

The content is then demonstrated to the manufacturer to ensure the Revit content is consistent with their product lines.

Upon approval from the manufacturer the content is then launched on the Design Content website.

Content creation


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Generic Content

For BIM projects content is king. There are many different places you can go to get manufacturer specific content which is great when we know what manufacturer we are going to use. Often we just want to use something generic. Do you feel like you waste time doing the following:

  • Creating your own content from scratch
  • Modifying your own content to suit a projects specific needs
  • Looking online for content you can use that will fit your purposes
  • Finding content online then adjusting it to suit your needs
  • Searching for the right content in your own library which has become bloated and difficult to search, with many similar families that have slightly different functionality and you’re not sure which one is best suited to this project.
  • Opening old projects to try and hijack a family you used in that… but you can’t quite remember which project it was.
  • Inserting a family only to find that it doesn’t contain the correct parameters for tags or schedules
  • Trying to add shared parameters to a family but you have used the wrong shared parameter file and now you have two parameters in a project with the same name

To solve these issues, we are creating our very own Generic Content. Our generic content is:

  • Built to the Australia & New Zealand Revit Standard (ANZRS) so all parameters, subcategories etc are used consistently throughout the entire suite of Generic Content,
  • Highly flexible to suit any situation,
  • Built not to be broken so you don’t receive those annoying messages “Can’t make type “
  • Well-structured filing, making it easy to find just the right family
  • Uses Type catalogues so you don’t have to load every type in your project when you only want two
  • Intuitive parameters to drive the geometry (which have detailed tooltips to explain exactly what the parameter does), or just use the predefined types.

Alternately you may need custom project specific content for special fitout requirements. We also provide a custom content creation service to meet these needs. Enjoy all the advantages of highly skilled Revit content creation experts working to ANZRS standards, without the expensive overheads.

Access the Xrev Generic Content products here!


Content creation


Revit API

More and more manufacturer's are seeing the value in providing high quality BIM content to their customers. Making this content highly accessible and providing even further added value to the customer is the next step. This can be done by providing custom software applications that can integrate with the customers primary design and documentation software - Autodesk Revit.

Imagine your potential customer is designing their new project and they have a need for a product that you can provide. Sure, they can start browsing the web, searching through hard copy product catalogs, or contacting the manufacturers over the phone. However, this immediately interrupts their workflows and takes them away from designing, and hopefully specifying your product on their next project.

What if they didn't need to leave their design software?

Instead, they simply start your software application. From there they can search your product libraries, based upon important design criteria to quickly find the product to suit their project (which can include product images, or 3D models they can pan around). Then in a click of button, have the BIM content loaded into their project ready to use, complete with all the important design information related to that product. It doesn't need to stop there either. It's possible to integrate directly with the project model to perform other valuable tasks like ensuring the product is being used appropriately such as not exceeding maximum spans, adequate clearances, even recommending more appropriate products and producing schedules and specifications based upon the selected products. It can even submit information about the project back to you.

We have the experience and skill to design the perfect software application matching your companies branding. We can also develop background applications that allow you to update and maintain the software yourself, or we can do that for you...

If you are familiar with coding, these are the types of technologies we utilize on a daily basis: • Microsoft .NET (C#, ASP.NET) • WPF - for highly intuitive and beautiful User Interfaces • ORMs - Entity Framework and NHibernate for data access • WiX - for great installers • Web Services - WCF / SOAP, Web API / REST - to integrate with web applications • Microsoft Azure/AWS - cloud based services This is by no means a comprehensive list. We always use the latest technology and the most suitable method for each individual development project. We can potentially work directly with your existing Website to offer a more seamless and consistent tool. Rest assured that we are quality orientated, and any application we develop we are proud to put yours and our brands on it.

Revit Templates

Starting your own Revit template can be quite daunting. You find yourself often changing your template to take advantage of new features and workflows you have discovered along the way. Then you find that your content doesn’t share the correct parameters for the schedules and tags you have built. Our templates are based on ANZRS ensuring all tags and schedules will work with our generic content and any other ANZRS compliant content. Take advantage of the experience of our industry specialists, who have many years of experience setting up templates. Our templates include all the essential features a template requires plus all the smarts our experts have developed through their experience.


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