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The digitalization of Infrastructure


THE WORLD IS CHANGING. Today’s infrastructure is not only aging—the approach to planning, design, and constructing it is rapidly becoming out-of-date as well. This report is Autodesk’s business look forward for the future of the Infrastructure industry. A complement to Constructing with the Power of Digital, it discusses how trends in technology are poised to deliver a profitable, resilient and agile industry, and a better built environment.

OVER THE NEXT 20 YEARS, population growth, urbanization, and economic expansion are set to push demand for infrastructure to unprecedented levels. If that alone wasn’t enough, trends in technology are changing the way in which industry professionals, across all civil infrastructure sectors, plan, design, build, and maintain the world’s infrastructure. Innovation now is no longer optional. What hasn’t changed is constant concern for how to address risk and, of course, increase profits as the industry transforms.


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OUR GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE is at a tipping point. Decades-old approaches coupled with century-old delivery processes are unable to keep pace with rapid urbanization and population growth. On top of this, the pressure on our existing infrastructure systems continues to grow. And many of these systems are well beyond their life expectancy and are failing faster than they can be recovered during a time of fiscal challenges.

Urbanization, congestion, environmental regulations, and economic expansion are set to push demand for infrastructure to unprecedented levels. McKinsey Global Institute estimates that nearly $49 trillion worth of infrastructure investments will need to be spent between 2016-2030 just to keep up with current global demands. Additionally to keep pace with projected growth, the world needs to invest another $3.3 trillion annually through 2030. Currently it invests approximately $2.5 trillion.

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