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Named Users

A named user is an individual who has been assigned to a product by an administrator, such as a contract manager or software coordinator. The number of named users you can assign per product is determined by the total number of seats available for that product. Admins assign named users to products and manage their permissions for each of the services to which that product entitles them via Autodesk Account. See Managing Users & Permissions for more information.

At time of purchase, the Software Coordinator is assigned as a named user for each product by default. If a Software Coordinator is not identified, then the Contract Manager will be assigned as a named user by default.

Note: If the Contract Manager or Software Coordinator will not be using the software assigned, sign into User Management and remove those benefits from the user to free up seats for other users.

Access to Subscription Benefits

Access to subscription benefits such as web support and software downloads are managed separately from software access assignments. Users can be granted access to subscription benefits without having access to specific software products.

How Named Users Access Their Products

Just as admins manage users in Autodesk Account, users manage their products in Autodesk Account. When an admin assigns a user to a product, the user receives a confirmation email. They can then create an Autodesk Account by visiting accounts.autodesk.com and selecting the Create an Account link.

Note: The email address used to create a user account must be the same email address the Software Coordinator or Contract Manager will use to assign access to benefits and products.

Original article can be found on https://knowledge.autodesk.com/customer-service/account-management/users-software/add-remove-users/named-users

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