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Blended Learning


In terms of software upskilling, we face the dilemma of having access to many software packages with a series of challenges in getting upskilled.

The general upskilling options are divided into the traditional classroom, face to face approach versus the ‘newer’ online/E-Learning options. The hybrid option of blended courses combine the best of these into a structured learning experience with a focus on understanding the software. This enables a common sense approach and a clear understanding of the relevant concepts and techniques as opposed to following steps by rote.

ATC certification is achieved in an efficient manner by combining flexibility and self-paced work with the disciplined and interactive face to face experience.


Blended Learning

The blended learning process of the Plus Courses is based on combining 20+ years of experience of Global E Training with 20+ years of experience of A2K Technologies. We understand that videos by themselves are not an effective means of gaining or retaining knowledge. With this in mind, the courses combine text, audio, demos, exercises, videos, Q&A and collaboration with peers in the classroom environment.

The process benefits from constant evolution based off feedback and interaction. Allowing access to the Global E Training material for 12 months enables training attendees to master the fundamentals over time and progressively build up confidence and enable creative applications of the software. 

Read Whitepaper to find out more about the value of Blended Learning.

                Blended Learning

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